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The World is changing. . . and we’re changing with it.  At Crew Inc., we understand it’s a new ballgame.  We’re staying on top of it by incorporating the latest technologies into what we do and how we do it.

Whether it’s commercial buildings, retail developments, or schools, universities and public work buildings, Crew Inc. is the earthwork contractor the best builders and developers turn to in making sure their project is done right and on schedule.

Almost 1,000 building developments in Southern California began with a solid foundation—that foundation was built by a team of contractors that began with Crew Inc.

Crew Inc. services include:

  • demolition
  • clear and grub
  • over-excavation
  • compaction
  • rough and finish grading work


In July 2007, the California Air Resources Board passed sweeping new regulations in the area of off-road diesel construction equipment.  The regulations were amended further in December 2011.  These regulations will have significant effects on earthwork contractors, as well as the entire construction industry for many years and decades to come.

Since the beginning, Crew Inc. has been an industry leader in complying with CARB regulations in the areas of reporting, limits on idling, replacing old Tier-0 machinery, re-powering T-0 machines with new, cleaner diesel engines, and purchasing new Tier-3, Interim Tier-4 and Final Tier-4 machines as they have become available to market.

Using Technology to Provide a Better Service

Innovations in the area of Global Positioning Systems and grade control technologies have created an environment of unparalleled potential for speed and productivity improvements in how earthmoving contractors perform their work.

With our advancement in GPS integration, Crew Inc. can provide service with:

  • Better, more accurate blade controls
  • Faster operating speeds
  • Finish grades with fewer passes
  • Fewer wood stakes and improved safety

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