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Crew has a large fleet of company owned equipment with a team of mechanics and service trucks for complete dependability. Crew is not dependent on the rental market for providing our service to our projects and customers. Crew’s in-house fleet is comprised of over 70 machines including loaders, excavators, crushers, scrapers, blades and other support equipment. Much of Crew’s fleet is equipped with full laser-guided systems for precision grading required for finish surface operations.

Crew’s entire team is made up of over 70 employees based throughout the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside County areas. Our company headquarters is based centrally in the LA/Orange market with a support facility/equipment facility located in Riverside County. Crew manages at least 8 crews on a daily basis and can expand their operations to support up to 12 crews on short notice for rapid customer responsiveness when needed.

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Using Technology to Provide a Better Service

Innovations in the area of Global Positioning Systems and grade control technologies have created an environment of unparalleled potential for speed and productivity improvements in how earthmoving contractors perform their work. With our advancement in GPS integration, Crew Inc. can provide service with:

  • Better, more accurate blade controls
  • Faster operating speeds
  • Finish grades with fewer passes
  • Fewer wood stakes and improved safety

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